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The Snakeskin Bundle - set of 5 snakesin leather earrings

The Snakeskin Bundle - set of 5 snakesin leather earrings

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The funny thing is , I'm really scared of snakes! When these skins came in an exotic leather bundle, I didn't know what to do with them. But I wanted to honor the animals and not put them to waste.

In this bundle, you will find Nathaira, gray and cream colored snakeskin loops holding up a wooden gray circle.

There is Belinda, coral snakeskin loops fronted with a bronze hexagon.

There is Lindie, cream snakeskin with Brown and black highlights with metallic purple paint on the ends. This was from a hand painted snake skin.

There is Fani, which are glittery pink and purple snakeskin hearts.

Lastly, there is Darvanda, that same hand painted snakeskin cut into triangles.

These are all incredibly lightweight, and perfect for snake lovers.  They will come in a blue gift box. 




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