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The All That Glitters Bundle - set of 5 leather earrings

The All That Glitters Bundle - set of 5 leather earrings

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The All That Glitters Bundle features five phenomenal glittering earrings at a great price!

There is a Quinn pair with metallic silver flecked textured gray tops and a crackle silver on black leather for the bottom. These are a very versatile cut earring which cab pair with jeans and a tee as easily as slacks or a dress!

There is Camilla, gold glittery angled rectangles hanging from a gold open oval, with beautiful faceted beads hanging in front. These are a pair for a night out!

There is Petite Miss, a black leather with rose gold glitter folded into little pedals. They hang off of an oxidated bronze stud.

There is Morgan, a triple layered fringed triangle look. The top is black leather, the middle is a moody blue leather, and the back is a fantastic rainbow glittered black leather.

There is Laura, black leather with a metallic red plaid print rolled into an angled cone topped with a bright silver bead.

These leather earrings would be $20-$25 each. They will come in a blue gift box. A phenomenal value!



Cork on Leather


Care Instructions

Leather needs to breathe and doesn't do well wet! Remove your earrings when washing your hands, showering, swimming, exercising, cleaning, and before applying any kind of hair care product, fragrance, lotion, or essential oils. Always put them on with clean hands and remember to wear your earring backs so they don't slip out of your ears! Store them laying flat or hanging freely.

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