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The 4 Seasons Bundle - seasonal themed leather earrings set

The 4 Seasons Bundle - seasonal themed leather earrings set

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Find seasonal dangling and stud earrings in this phenomenal bundle!

For Winter, there are matte black square Lil studs and and a dangling pair called icicles. Icicles has beautiful white leather with metallic silver highlights, cut into angled fringe. There is a snowflake charm hanging in front.

For spring, there are sweet cornflower blue heart shaped Lil studs and a dangling pair called Leejoy. That is a sweet pink flower dangle with a yellow center. They are such a cute shaped flower, it has a lot of movement and it's so adorable!

For summer, there are white star shaped Lils and a dangling pair called called Rachel. Rachel has a teal leather circle stud with a confetti print pill shape hanging from a chain.

For fall, there are a beautiful pair of sienna colored 8mm circle Lils. They have a beautiful fall patterned trapezoid dangles to go with it.

Lills are usually $15 each, and these leather earrings would be 20 to $22 each, so this is a bargain! They will come in a box ready to be wrapped and gifted, and gift wrap is available as well!

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