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My family and I visited friends in Morehead City, North Carolina. We got to stay right on the water, and there this city girl was met with more land and sea life than I cared to meet. 

I stepped on a legless lizard, little tiny fish chewed at my feet, I held conch shells that were still inhabited, and it was an amazing, horrifying thing for me. I love nature, but apparently not up close. Our friends slowly introduced me to a myriad of living things I didn’t know existed, and while I don’t want to touch any of it, I loved it all.

These earrings are my memorial to that trip.  Clear turquoise waters, beautiful sea life, and rusty chains. These are great for a beach or boat trip!



*Nickel free silver finish findings 



Cork on Leather


Care Instructions

Leather needs to breathe and doesn't do well wet! Remove your earrings when washing your hands, showering, swimming, exercising, cleaning, and before applying any kind of hair care product, fragrance, lotion, or essential oils. Always put them on with clean hands and remember to wear your earring backs so they don't slip out of your ears! Store them laying flat or hanging freely.

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