About LR Barn Star

Lightweight earrings bring a smile to your face and a pop to your outfit, without pulling on and stretching your ears. Leather has a sophisticationto it, and these earrings are a modern take on a classic textile. 

There are LR Barn Star earrings for every outfit and occasion. Find everyday looks as well as themed looks.  These earrings will be a great treat to yourself. You will love how great you look with them on, which will bring out that gorgeous smile of yours, make you hold your head a little higher, and just feel good!

I am a wife, mother, and 19 year ER nurse turned Case Manager.  I was too busy taking care of everyone and everything else, that I ended up neglecting myself.  Ever been there?!

Then came earrings.  Suddenly sweats and a messy bun were replaced by outfits and styled curly hair...suddenly I wanted to care for myself.  Suddenly I was making room for myself. 

And it was life changing!!!

LR Barn Star was born from my desire to have others feel that way.  To feel pretty, to feel deserving, to feel treated, to feel worthy.  Because you are! 🤩